Website about the facts and risks of asbestos and creosote

Glossary of Chemicals and Substances

The Administration de l’Environnement engaged us to built a multilingual webpage to enlighten about the substances asbestos and creosote. The important information about usage, hazards and proper disposal of these substances is shown in a comprehensible and memorable manner by using an icon series we created in line with the theme. The association of the selected colours supports the conveyance of contents.

– simple iconstyle
– simple colors
– good legibility
– memorable


Design of the national PISA study report 2015

We designed a summary report and a new website displaying the results of the PISA study in Luxembourg in 2015. We used a data visualisation process to compare results to previous years and other countries. The website also serves as a platform for further information on the PISA study and the luxemburgish school system.


Corporate Design and Website

Mr. Beau – Germany’s first beauty and wellness centre for men

Visual identity for a unique beauty salon for gentlemen only. A beauty salon just for men.

We helped to launch the first cosmetic studio – for gentlemen only – in Germany. We created the complete corporate identity: logo, store, web and print design. The logo is simple yet memorable and serves as a point of recognition, revealing the male emphasis at a glance. The store is distinctly designed to appeal to male clients, mixing modern and vintage interiors. A place where contemporary body-conscious men can relax while enjoying a beauty treatment or looking for that special product.