14 infographics about Luxembourg 2017

‘Luxembourg 2017’ is a set of 14 infographics on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg developed by HUMAN MADE for the Information and Press Service of the Luxembourg government, in collaboration with the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC). The purpose of these infographics is to present and promote the country in a visual and funny way with an emphasis on the following topics: geography, multicultural population, history of the Grand Duchy, linguistic situation, national symbols, culture and traditions, politics and institutions, economy, labour market, mobility, quality of life, Luxembourg in the world.

The infographics are available in 4 languages for download here:


Design of the national PISA study report 2015

We designed a summary report and a new website displaying the results of the PISA study in Luxembourg in 2015. We used a data visualisation process to compare results to previous years and other countries. The website also serves as a platform for further information on the PISA study and the luxemburgish school system.

100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch

100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch

The 100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch tool was created for Min. of Integration to enable the refugees to have contact with the Luxembourgish local population and make it more easy to integrate the educational system in Luxembourg.

The approach is:

  • Multilingual, highlighting the Luxembourgish language while valuing the other languages of the country as well as the mother tongue of the newcomers,
  • Interactive and playful, allowing to practice the Luxembourgish language.

The Adult Education Service uses the 100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch course material in its classes and makes it available to training organizations, associations and volunteers who mentor and welcome people who want to integrate into Luxembourgd

Biodiversum exhibiton

Visual identity for the exhibition of the new nature conservation center Biodiversum- Haff Remich

A brand-new exhibition takes place in Luxembourg: hosted in a iconic architectural building perfectly integrated in extraordinary nature surroundings. In collaboration with the Ministry of sustainable development (MDDI) the communication specialists from HUMAN MADE designed the exhibition concept and created a world of experience.

We used various visualisation tools to represent a very large amount of data. Thereby visual intelligence replaces a majority of textual information. Illustrations are all based on geometrical forms and are completed by dynamic drawings, slight abstractions and organic effects. Infographics are also using simple, classical design forms in order to arrange an unagitated minimalistic layout, which compete with the very special architecture of the building. The simplicity of the layout is also used for the icons, leading through the exhibition. We also created in a simplified design approach the logo representing the Biodiversum and its surrounding nature with a large variety of wild birds.