14 infographics about Luxembourg 2017

‘Luxembourg 2017’ is a set of 14 infographics on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg developed by HUMAN MADE for the Information and Press Service of the Luxembourg government, in collaboration with the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC). The purpose of these infographics is to present and promote the country in a visual and funny way with an emphasis on the following topics: geography, multicultural population, history of the Grand Duchy, linguistic situation, national symbols, culture and traditions, politics and institutions, economy, labour market, mobility, quality of life, Luxembourg in the world.

The infographics are available in 4 languages for download here:

CDCL – Iconstyle

Orientation system for construction sites

The CDCL, founded in 1979 from a merger of 3 construction companies, is a Luxembourgish building company employing 550 people today. We were tasked with developing a signage system for construction sites to facilitate staff orientation. The isometric 3D-effect of the iconography was matched to the overall construction design. Based on these icons, indoor and outdoor signs were created containing directives, rules and signposts, simplifying orientation at construction sites.

The imagery, based on outlines with the same line thickness, delivers clear and immediately understandable information, overcoming possible language barriers.

Website about the facts and risks of asbestos and creosote

Glossary of Chemicals and Substances

The Administration de l’Environnement engaged us to built a multilingual webpage to enlighten about the substances asbestos and creosote. The important information about usage, hazards and proper disposal of these substances is shown in a comprehensible and memorable manner by using an icon series we created in line with the theme. The association of the selected colours supports the conveyance of contents.

– simple iconstyle
– simple colors
– good legibility
– memorable


Design of the national PISA study report 2015

We designed a summary report and a new website displaying the results of the PISA study in Luxembourg in 2015. We used a data visualisation process to compare results to previous years and other countries. The website also serves as a platform for further information on the PISA study and the luxemburgish school system.

YEAAH: Cross-media campaign promoting multi-modal mobility

Verkéiersverbond - Communauté des transports

The aim of the Transport Association was to increase multi-modal mobility, meaning encouraging the use of combining different transport methods. We developed a cross media campaign called Yeaah, featuring an overstated and slightly comical leading character, the memorable Yeaahman. He always finds the quickest route to get to his destination. His ‘thumbs up’ become his trademark, visible throughout the various creative executions and repeated in the logo. The positive reinforcement should encourage people to use the mobility platforms online or via the app, reducing traffic jams, stress, environmental impact and time spent on the road. Yeaahman uses various means of transport across the newspaper, outdoor and Facebook platforms while always looking cool and laid-back.

One pot pasta :)

A special kind of hot pot

“I don’t have the time to shop for groceries or to cook and I don’t like doing the dishes!”
This recipe does not allow any excuses. Simple, quick and tasty…


Visual guiding system

Guiding visitors through the airport via a clear signage system. Floor signs were placed in clear view to point people in the right direction. Our aim was to create visuals which quickly and efficiently communicate important information to visitors.

Mëllech Infographics

Creation of several infographics for school kids, about cows and milk.

We developed a framework for the corporate identity including a special illustration style, making the visuals particularly appealing to secondary school aged kids. We illustrated the topic in a fun and catchy way. The illustrations are easily understood and memorable.

100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch

100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch

The 100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch tool was created for Min. of Integration to enable the refugees to have contact with the Luxembourgish local population and make it more easy to integrate the educational system in Luxembourg.

The approach is:

  • Multilingual, highlighting the Luxembourgish language while valuing the other languages of the country as well as the mother tongue of the newcomers,
  • Interactive and playful, allowing to practice the Luxembourgish language.

The Adult Education Service uses the 100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch course material in its classes and makes it available to training organizations, associations and volunteers who mentor and welcome people who want to integrate into Luxembourgd

Alice’s magical journey into the Grand-Duchy

Illustrations & infographics posters for Merkur magazine

Merkur is a monthly print publication by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. We created several infographics which were published in the magazine including a reinterpretation of “Alice in wonderland”, describing Alice’s magical journey into the Grand Duchy. The CommunicOcean illustration explains the complex topic of communication in the form of a nautical map with its shipping routes and islands. MeteoInfographics was based on a weather map, using the high and low pressure areas to illustrate economic forecasts for 2016.