YEAAH: Cross-media campaign promoting multi-modal mobility

Verkéiersverbond - Communauté des transports

The aim of the Transport Association was to increase multi-modal mobility, meaning encouraging the use of combining different transport methods. We developed a cross media campaign called Yeaah, featuring an overstated and slightly comical leading character, the memorable Yeaahman. He always finds the quickest route to get to his destination. His ‘thumbs up’ become his trademark, visible throughout the various creative executions and repeated in the logo. The positive reinforcement should encourage people to use the mobility platforms online or via the app, reducing traffic jams, stress, environmental impact and time spent on the road. Yeaahman uses various means of transport across the newspaper, outdoor and Facebook platforms while always looking cool and laid-back.

Mëllech Infographics

Creation of several infographics for school kids, about cows and milk.

We developed a framework for the corporate identity including a special illustration style, making the visuals particularly appealing to secondary school aged kids. We illustrated the topic in a fun and catchy way. The illustrations are easily understood and memorable.

Mr. Beau – Germany’s first beauty and wellness centre for men

Visual identity for a unique beauty salon for gentlemen only. A beauty salon just for men.

We helped to launch the first cosmetic studio – for gentlemen only – in Germany. We created the complete corporate identity: logo, store, web and print design. The logo is simple yet memorable and serves as a point of recognition, revealing the male emphasis at a glance. The store is distinctly designed to appeal to male clients, mixing modern and vintage interiors. A place where contemporary body-conscious men can relax while enjoying a beauty treatment or looking for that special product.

Corporate design & brand campaign – Fro de Bauer

Fro de Bauer

‘Ask the farmer’ is an initiative by the Young farmers & country youth of Luxembourg. Through the aid of photographs and illustrations we created posters increasing awareness about the value of agriculture. In this poster series, young farmers, now including women, promote their profession through slogans. Complementing the visuals were a series of infographics explaining the direct influence agriculture has on our lives with regards to food and the environment.