CDCL – Iconstyle

Orientation system for construction sites

The CDCL, founded in 1979 from a merger of 3 construction companies, is a Luxembourgish building company employing 550 people today. We were tasked with developing a signage system for construction sites to facilitate staff orientation. The isometric 3D-effect of the iconography was matched to the overall construction design. Based on these icons, indoor and outdoor signs were created containing directives, rules and signposts, simplifying orientation at construction sites.

The imagery, based on outlines with the same line thickness, delivers clear and immediately understandable information, overcoming possible language barriers.


Design of the national PISA study report 2015

We designed a summary report and a new website displaying the results of the PISA study in Luxembourg in 2015. We used a data visualisation process to compare results to previous years and other countries. The website also serves as a platform for further information on the PISA study and the luxemburgish school system.

Grande/Groß Region

A cross-border campaign about the Greater Region

Common culture binds beyond national borders. Five regions in four countries, often referred to as the Greater Region, deepen and simplify cross-border cooperation. These different regions grew together successfully despite previous tensions, divisions and wars. As a result, creating a common visual identify seemed appropriate.

The Luxembourg government took over the presidency for the summit of executives on 1st January 2017. Due to this event, the government decided to publish a magazine presenting the Greater Region, its sub-regions, its history, its commonalities and the differences. HUM designed a magazine based on infographics and illustrations with a catchy corporate design to create a common identity. Additionally, the corporate identity was used when creating an exhibition on the Greater Region.

100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch

100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch

The 100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch tool was created for Min. of Integration to enable the refugees to have contact with the Luxembourgish local population and make it more easy to integrate the educational system in Luxembourg.

The approach is:

  • Multilingual, highlighting the Luxembourgish language while valuing the other languages of the country as well as the mother tongue of the newcomers,
  • Interactive and playful, allowing to practice the Luxembourgish language.

The Adult Education Service uses the 100 Wierder Lëtzebuergesch course material in its classes and makes it available to training organizations, associations and volunteers who mentor and welcome people who want to integrate into Luxembourgd


Corporate Design and Website

Mr. Beau – Germany’s first beauty and wellness centre for men

Visual identity for a unique beauty salon for gentlemen only. A beauty salon just for men.

We helped to launch the first cosmetic studio – for gentlemen only – in Germany. We created the complete corporate identity: logo, store, web and print design. The logo is simple yet memorable and serves as a point of recognition, revealing the male emphasis at a glance. The store is distinctly designed to appeal to male clients, mixing modern and vintage interiors. A place where contemporary body-conscious men can relax while enjoying a beauty treatment or looking for that special product.

New Corporate Design for Mondorf Domaine Thermal

Mondorf Domaine Thermal

In 2014, Human Made developed a new corporate identity for Mondorf Domaine Thermal, which has since been implemented across different mediums including print, web, video, events and photo shoots to name a few. The branding is based on a distinctive illustrative style, combined with photography and a specially selected typography, aiding brand recognition. The magazine 36°, which appears bi-monthly, informs on subjects related to well-being and keeps readers up to date with MDT’s latest offers. At the start of the new season, an MDT promotion video was made, featuring their new sauna which is the largest in Europe.

Corporate design & brand campaign – Fro de Bauer

Fro de Bauer

‘Ask the farmer’ is an initiative by the Young farmers & country youth of Luxembourg. Through the aid of photographs and illustrations we created posters increasing awareness about the value of agriculture. In this poster series, young farmers, now including women, promote their profession through slogans. Complementing the visuals were a series of infographics explaining the direct influence agriculture has on our lives with regards to food and the environment.

Exhibition on water pollution and how to reduce it

Creating displays showing the most common causes of water pollution - how this impacts our water and how to prevent it.

Our daily lives, without us being aware of it, cause different types of water pollution. Nanoparticles in sunscreen, cosmetics or food; micro plastics in clothes and cosmetics; medication and harmful substances in paints and enamels… all these substances which enter our water system, adversely affect the world’s marine fauna. Because of this water pollution, eating seafood and fish can seriously damage our health. To protect our health and environment, we must raise awareness of how harmful substances are present in our daily lives. With this in mind, the Luxembourg Water Management Authority planned an exhibition on water pollution, its main causes and the possibilities to reduce or avoid it. In this context, Human Made created five displays, each showing one type of pollution, its negative effects and ways to prevent it. Displays were made up of red, yellow and green colours ensuring a clear presentation.